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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

7th July, 2019

Here were the new player registrations made by Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League clubs in the week up to and including Saturday 6th July, 2019.

Brandon Bagley (Parkgate)
Christopher Butt (Parkgate)
Silas Valladolid-Collins (Parkgate)
Mack Collinson (Parkgate)
Matt Crookes (Parkgate)
Brad Davies (Parkgate)
Joshua Davies (Parkgate)
Andy Dawson (Parkgate)
Jonathan Fusco (Parkgate)
Simon Harrison (Parkgate)
Bruno Holden (Parkgate)
Christopher Howard (Parkgate)
Harry Hurst (Parkgate)
George Morris (Parkgate)
Alex Rippon (Parkgate)
Freddie Russell (Parkgate)
Ashley Simpson (Parkgate)
Ben Starosta (Parkgate)
Benjamin Thornton (Parkgate)
Haydn Ward (Parkgate)
Lewis Whitaker (Parkgate)
Tim Whitaker (Parkgate)
Oliver Yates (Parkgate)

Bradley Billam (Rossington Main)
Louis Thwaites (Rossington Main)
Jordan Buckham (Rossington Main)
Benjamin Hunter (Rossington Main)
Joshua Yeaman (Rossington Main)
Daniel Gardner (Rossington Main)
Owen Hall (Rossington Main)
Bradley Johnson (Rossington Main)
Curtis Mann (Rossington Main)
Josh Bucknall (Rossington Main)
Joshua Schofield (Goole AFC)
Lewis Stannard (Goole AFC)
James Hitchcock (Goole AFC)
Jacob Stannard (Goole AFC)
Scott Eastwood (Campion)
Graham Hall (Campion)
Aidan Day (Campion)
Alex Cusack (Campion)
Oliver Kirlpatrick (Campion)
Adam Shaw (Campion)
Lewis Riley (Campion)
Lewis Waddington (Campion)
Declan Lambton (Campion)
Jason Carney (Campion)
Marcus Day (Campion)
Leon Hurles-Brook (Campion)
Laurie Wilson (Dronfield Town)
Jamie Wills (Dronfield Town)
Daniel Wood (Dronfield Town)
Christian Savage (Dronfield Town)
Callum Mawbey (Dronfield Town)
Thomas Farweather (Dronfield Town)
Alexander Pugh (Dronfield Town)
Matthew Ord (Dronfield Town)
Stuart Hill (Dronfield Town)
Charlie Stewart (Dronfield Town)
Richard Mintoft (Dronfield Town)
Billy Wright (Dronfield Town)
Lewis Naylor (Dronfield Town)
Joseph Butler (Dronfield Town)
Ashley Rawson (Dronfield Town)
Ethan Flower (Dronfield Town)
Michael Akhavan-Hezaveh (Dronfield Town)
Mark Ferreday (Dronfield Town)
Nicholas Siddons (Dronfield Town)
Samuel Bebbington (Dronfield Town)
Zac Lawrence (Selby Town)
Daniel Snaith (Selby Town)
Myles Lawman (Selby Town)
Christopher Jackson (Selby Town)
Peter Lawrie (Selby Town)
Alasan Ann (Selby Town)
Chris Smith (Selby Town)
Jordan Snodin (Selby Town)
Chalie Clamp (Selby Town)
William Ramsey (Selby Town)
Ryan Basi (Thackley)
Andrew Boote (Thackley)
Matthew Hall (Thackley)
Kristian Hargreaves (Thackley)
Lawrance Hunter (Thackley)
Darwin King (Thackley)
Robert Marsh (Thackley)
Nicholas Matthews (Thackley)
Jack Normanton (Thackley)
James Rothel (Thackley)
Raymond Sibanda (Thackley)
Josh Snowden (Thackley)
Mark Trueman (Thackley)
Ben Walker (Thackley)
Jerome White (Thackley)
Paul Whitley (Thackley)
Luke Wilson (Thackley)
Andrew Wood (Thackley)

Philip Buxton (AFC Mansfield)
Nicky Darker (AFC Mansfield)
Cameron Dear (AFC Mansfield)
Ross Duggan (AFC Mansfield)
Cameron Hough (AFC Mansfield)
Brett Lucas (AFC Mansfield)
Jamie McGuire (AFC Mansfield)
Thomas Slone (AFC Mansfield)
Dean Smith (AFC Mansfield)
Richard Williams (AFC Mansfield)
Mohamed Jumma (AFC Mansfield)
Bradley Jones (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Myles Wright (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Jordan Slack (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Morgan James (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Michael Burke (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Matthew Parkin (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Adam Lund (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Matthew Davies (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Ryan Herbert (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Cameron Barnett (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Mark Dudley (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Joe Cheeseman (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Sam Kay (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Charlie Oglesby (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Joseph Pugh (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Tomas Poole (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Robson Doolan (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Luke Williams (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Kurtis Morley (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Sam Finlaw (Staveley Miners Welfare)

Jordan Annable (AFC Mansfield)
Chris Bilton (Selby Town)
Joshua Walker (Selby Town)
Daniel Walker (Selby Town)
Elliott Simpson (Parkgate)
Kyle Bartley (Goole AFC)
Kieran Boardman (Goole AFC)
Owen Fletcher (Goole AFC)
Archie Brown (Goole AFC)
James Faulkner (Goole AFC)
Ashley Andrew (Goole AFC)
Joseph Colley (Garforth Town)
Matthew Wilkinson (Garforth Town)
Adam Priestley (Garforth Town)
Toby Wells (Garforth Town)
Daniel Williams (Garforth Town)
Lee Turner (Garforth Town)
Aiden Kearsley (Garforth Town)
Sean Hunter (Garforth Town)
Jordan Chippendale (Garforth Town)
James Beaston (Garforth Town)
Stephen Weatherill (Garforth Town)
Conor Hicken (Garforth Town)
Alex Low (Garforth Town)
Mark Simpson (Garforth Town)
Daniel Buttle (Garforth Town)
Jack Slinn (Garforth Town)
Jerome Carlton (Garforth Town)
Sam Barker (Garforth Town)
Adam Porritt (Garforth Town)
Daniel Coupland (Garforth Town)

Josh Shields (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Danny Blacker (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Joe Jagger (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Ryan Caulfield (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Adam Jordan (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
James Heeley (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Andrew McCreadie (Campion)
Robbie Graham (Campion)
Luke Francis (Handsworth)
Jack Shaw (Handsworth)
Joshua Dacre (Handsworth)
James Kay (Handsworth)
Marley Grant (Handsworth)
Matthew Thornton (Handsworth)
Alfie Smith (Handsworth)
Mohamed Saeed (Handsworth)
Callum Riley (Handsworth)
Alex Varley (Handsworth)
Harry Bamforth (Handsworth)
Harry Mitchell (Handsworth)
Joseph Thornton (Handsworth)
Luke Forgione (Handsworth)
James Gamble (Handsworth)
Jacob Casterton (Handsworth)
Logan Chapell (Handsworth)
Matthew Porter (Handsworth)
Ellis Moore (Handsworth)
Tiago Bravo (Handsworth)
Parirs Dixon (Handsworth)
Samuel White (Handsworth)
Leon Howarth (Handsworth)

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